Club Information

What to expect . . .

  • Female Focused training
  • Dedicated, skilled, caring coach focused on what’s best for the players
  • Focus on skill development at the younger ages
  • Training 7-10 months per year depending on age group; training held typically two nights a week August through Feb(HS teams) or May(Youth-U14 teams)
  • Participation in competitive Fall and Spring Leagues (Youth-U14 only)
  • Participation in Fall and Spring tournaments- local and Midwestern area travel   (HS age play Fall and Winter, September through February)
  • Training at Lake Country and Drury University fields
  • Time off from intense training Thanksgiving to New Years (Youth-U14 Only)
  • Option to participate in indoor leagues during the winter
  • Indoor skills training and conditioning in January/February
  • Fundraising opportunities if cost is an issue


Club Fees . . .

  • Includes uniforms (full light blue uniform and an additional white jersey).  Shorts and jerseys are club property and must be returned at the end of the season or your commitment.
  • Includes League fees for fall and spring (if team participates)
  • Includes small coaching payment
  • Includes small travel reimbursement budget for coach for tournaments
  • Includes small supply budget for each team
  • Includes small budget for goalkeeper trainer
  • Does not include tournament fees or individual player travel expenses
  • Does not include indoor league fees
  • Does not include balls, socks, bag or warm-ups


Benefits of being part of a club . . .

  • Support from additional club coaches when needed by the team
  • Name recognition when applying for tournaments
  • Proven success at state cup level tournaments and college showcases
  • Older players to help mentor the younger players (“Soccer Sisters”)
  • Option to share fields and guest trainers
  • Ability to share administration for fees and financial management
  • Club success helps when recruiting new players
  • College Recruiting Workshops and Mentoring Sessions



  • We are a non-for-profit organization that wants to provide the best environment for growth and development of soccer while keeping the costs at affordable rate. Club fees are collected in the fall and cover the entire playing year.
  • Fees for 2012-2013 are subject to final roster numbers and budget adjustments, but are  expected to be in the following ranges:

U9-U12          $350.00 – $500.00

U13-U14         $550.00 – $700.00

U15-U19         $450.00 – $500.00

***(Older teams will possibly have a showcase fee in addition to club fees that will cover entry fees to showcases and the cost of recruiting books)          

Other sports…

  • Many players in the club participate in other sports. We ask each player to be up front and workable with conflicts.


Outside Opportunities…

  • We have a great relationship with Drury University. Many of our players attend Drury Camp and some former players are suiting up for Drury in the fall. In addition to attending camp, our club provides ball girls for the Drury teams in the fall..
  • Many former players of the club are playing at the collegiate level and love to come back and work with the younger players during winter and summer breaks.

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